Friday, February 14, 2014

The Libertatia Voyaing Collective Seeks New Members

Greetings from sunny Berkeley, California where the Libertatia is currently docked, awaiting her next voyage. Our apologies for falling out of touch for some time, but we are all well and engaged in our own personal pursuits, mostly on land. Since returning from Mexico in the late fall of 2012, the Libertatia has been at home here in her slip and aside from somewhat regular sails on the bay and the occasional peak out the golden gate, the boat has been relatively dormant, lived on and looked after, but dormant.

We have reached an interesting point in the story of our collective, as the boat rests in the harbor, our energy for the Libertatia as collective members is somewhat dispersed. Not only are we all exploring and developing our lives in other directions but we are also all feeling somewhat burnt out when it comes to the Libertatia, and understandibly so: we've spent cumulatively more than a year restoring and maintaining the boat, we've lived together aboard for nearly three years, and we've sailed over 10,000 miles! At this point, we could get rid of the Libertatia but we don't want to do that for a number of reasons. First of all, we all have a vested interest in the boat, collective mission, and continuation of the project. It's a beautiful thing and we do not want to see it fade! Secondly, although our current interest has waned, all of us feel excited by the idea of ocean voyages aboard the Libertatia in the future. Lastly, we view this entire project, the boat and everything that has come with it, as a gift and we want to proceed in that same spirit of giving. We do not want to sell the boat for a couple thousand bucks but rather share it with others who hold the same values of inspiration, passion for exploration and adventure, and positivity. That's where you come in.

For all of the reasons listed above, we are actively seeking new collective members to breathe new life into the Libertatia, and her collective, and voyage again. When it comes to exactly what this looks like, we are open. All we are interested in is teaming up with like-minded people to share what we have created and carry on with our mission; exploring, inspiring, and sharing as we go.

The type of people we are seeking may also vary greatly. Sailing experience and knowledge, as well as general familiarity with boats, are a plus but not entirely necessary, as we know from experience. Hopefully, new members will be somewhat mechanically capable but willingness to try is even more important. Above all else we are looking for people who are ready to communicate and work well with others, willing to work hard and remain positive in tough situations (of all kinds), willing to learn and share freely, capable of being flexible in response to the changing demands of life aboard, and ready to make friends and have fun. Sailing and living aboard, as well as taking care of the boat, also does cost some money so we are hoping that new members will be able to contribute their fair share of the cost of running the boat. Although, boats generally are expensive, our expenses on the Libertatia have been very manageable spread out over the collective group.

Life as a collective member and sailor aboard the Libertatia has many faces but those involved can expect to live and work very closely with several others and carry their respective weight in being responsible for the boat. Sometimes we are at the dock and the Libertatia's needs, aside from routine maintenance, are relatively low. Other times however, sailors each carry a lot of responsibility, such as standing watch in trying conditions, working very hard to make timely repairs, and being ready to jump out of bed into the cold, dark, and wet to assist other crew members. In the end, life aboard the Libertatia is an adventure: with the beauty come huge challenges of all kinds, risks, and danger.

We could say a lot more here in this post about our organization and our story thus far but we invite you explore our website and contact us with any questions if you want to hear more. Times aboard may be hard and the sacrifices may be many but sailing aboard the Libertatia is one of the most wonderfully romantic things one can do in this life on earth. At least that is how we feel. May the winds that brought this message to you bring you back to us. Write us an email! Best wishes and until soon.


The Libertatia Voyaging Collective

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